Learning that

leaves a legacy





Shaping Learning is committed to meeting the specific needs of individuals and organisations. We like to work with people who wish to leave a legacy.

Shaping Learning was launched in 2013 to support the specific needs of education-based organizations around the world. Shaping Learning is an international education group, offering bespoke solutions to organisations and businesses interested in making a difference and leaving a legacy.


Shaping Learning has worked with a range of leading international education organisations concerned with improving learning through curriculum and programme design, curriculum review, market insights, primary, secondary and vocational education, leadership, business diversification and online learning.


Shaping Learning’s work has spanned Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa and specialises in quality frameworks and maturity models through its Imago software www.imagoinsights.com 


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Coaching approaches

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Global-mindedness is an integral part of learning futures


Education and learning should be values as well as outcomes-led


There are essential conditions, skills and attributes needed for deep learning to happen


Professional skills for life can be learnt


Intelligence comes in many forms


Engagement happens when people learn in context, are challenged and find their passion

"Today's learners are discovering different ways to access knowledge and skills, we will continue to seek out solutions which suit their needs. Shaping Learning supports the development of different learning spaces to make them exciting places to be and relevant for today's learners and future global shapers"